Preparing Your House for the Spring Season: What You Need to Do

It already feels like spring is in the air in many areas of the country. Even if you have a few more weeks of winter left in your neck of the woods, now is the time to start thinking about how you can prepare your home for the upcoming spring season. Here are a few tasks to put on your to-do list.

Clean Up the Yard

The inclement winter conditions can do a number on your yard. Kick off your spring preparation by taking the time to pick up debris, leaves, and trash from your grassy areas. This is also a time to prune dead branches from trees and shrubs. This process will encourage these plants to begin to bloom when the temperature rises.

While you are out in the yard, be sure to pull up any weeds or other invasive species that may stymie the spring growing season. This is particularly important if you live in a climate that experiences growth during the winter.

Tend to the Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to damage to your home. Water that is not able to flow freely through your home's gutters will pool at the foundation. The rain associated with spring can cause serious issues, making it important that you clear out gutters prior to the wet season. You can use a garden hose to clear out gutters after you are removing leaves and other debris that may have gathered near the base of the gutters. Using a hose will also help you to identify any potential leaks that may need to be fixed. It is easier than you think to patch any leaky gutters.

Dethatch, Aerate, Fertilize, and Seed Lawn

Your lawn is deserving of your attention as the calendar flips from winter to spring. Start this TLC by dethatching and aerating your lawn. Experts recommend waiting until the first or second time you have moved your lawn to perform these tasks. Aerating will allow water and fertilizer to reach the soil, encouraging a healthy lawn.

You will want to aerate prior to applying your fertilizer. Fertilizing your lawn promotes more robust growth and encourages healthier roots. The right fertilizer will also reverse some of the damage done during the winter season. Be sure to choose the right fertilizer for the grass in your yard, looking for equal amounts of potassium and nitrogen for optimal growth.

Although it is easy to perform these steps on your own with the right tools, you can also contract them out to professionals for a reasonable price. Another idea is to consider renting the equipment from a home improvement store or lawn and garden center.

Check Your Patio or Deck

Wintry precipitation can damage your deck or patio. Unfortunately, because many people are not spending time outside during the winter months, they may not even see the damage until the weather improves. This makes it important to inspect your patio or deck prior to using it for the first time of the season. A pressure washer can remove dirt or other irritants that may have accumulated during the winter. You should also check furniture for wear and tear and give it a good deep clean prior to using it.

This is also an ideal time to inspect your grill for any damage it may have incurred over the winter. Be sure to clean both the inside and the outside of the grill before firing it up for the first time.

Clean the Exterior

While most homeowners understandably pay the closest amount of attention to their lawns as the spring season approaches, you would also be wise to give the exterior of the home a good clean. A pressure washer is the best tool to clean the outside of your home, washing away dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the last few months. Cleaning the windows is another great task to add to your list before the sun starts shining with more regularity.

You will feel much better about your home heading into the spring season if you take the time to help it to recover from the winter and prepare it for the weather elements that lie ahead.

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