7 Things You Shouldn't Ignore When Buying a House

If you are looking for an affordable house, it is easy to lose focus on your goals. However, you should not jump into getting an offer before someone else or settle on a house just because you think you cannot get a better one at an amount you can afford. Make sure you settle on a safe and quiet neighborhood and a comfortable house for everyone living in it. When viewing the house for the first time, it will be easy to know whether to buy it or keep looking. Here is what you should ignore when looking for a home to buy:

1. Poor Tiling

When checking the condition of any house you may be interested in, inspect the bathroom and kitchen tiles. If you notice some gaps or uneven tiling work, it may show that the job was not well done. The poor tiling could also indicate that the house could have other inadequate fixes done by a non-professional. If you buy the house, you will spend a lot on the tiles for good quality work.

2. Problems with the Foundation

The availability of hairline cracks on houses indicates that they settle as they age. However, large gaps in a house may indicate problems with the foundation. When checking the condition of a house you want to purchase, check for cracks on the window frames, sticking windows and doors, and sloping floors. You should also check if the floors are even by placing a golf ball on it and see if it rolls. The ball shouldn't roll on an even floor.

3. Signs of a Property with Poor Maintenance

When you walk into a home, it is easy to tell if the owner maintains it or has neglected its routine maintenance. You can tell a poorly maintained home by having unkempt grass, unchanged lightbulbs, faded paint, or leaky faucets. Such signs may also show that the property owner may have ignored other essential home maintenance tasks that may cause other problems in the future.

A concerned homeowner should change the air filters each month, flush the water heater annually, clean the chimney often, check if the roof has some leaks, and inspect the condition of doors and windows to see if they need repair. If the property owner doesn't care about maintaining areas you can easily access, think about what to expect from a home inspection.

4. Possibility of Water Near the House

You may enjoy the sight of water near the house now, but you won't love it if it overflows into the house when it rains. When you see some water around the area where the house sits, it is crucial to consider the possibility of flooding. If you buy a home in such an area, you may need to insure it against flood risk. In the end, you'll have to pay massive amounts regularly.

5. Wobbly Windows

When checking the house's condition, draw the curtains to check for uneven frames and then try opening and closing the windows. If possible, check whether all of them have a problem sliding. If you find windows jammed in the frames, it could indicate problems in the foundation or poor installation. You may have no other option but to install new windows, which might be too expensive.

6. Mold

The best way to check for mold in the house is by opening the kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets and looking around the water drains and pipes. Even if you find some grey or small black spots, they might indicate a bigger issue with the property. You may also check for filling or taping around the tubs, faucets, and patches on the ceiling.

7. Water Damage

If the property doesn't have some standing water, you should check if it has a musty odor which is a sign of water damage. Also, check if the ceiling and walls have some water lines. The lines may indicate flooding from a burst or leak on a pipe that may have caused internal water damage. Additionally, inspect for exposed pipes in the basement or laundry room. You can check for water stains, leakage, or rust.

When looking for a house to buy, avoid strolling in it casually without concentrating on problematic areas that may cost you thousands for repairs and replacements. While the home inspector will detect all the problems in the house, being keen on them will prevent you from wasting your time and money on a home you'll not buy.

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