Washington Post Pushes for Afghani Relocation

In the United States of America, there are a reported three quarters of a million homeless people, and those are just the ones we can count and measure. In all likelihood, that number is tripled. There are around 50 million Americans who live paycheck to paycheck and are always one missed payment away from being homeless. There are over 20 million Americans well behind on their rent and mortgages, who are only kept in their homes due to the COVID moratoriums. Suffice to say, American citizens are having a very hard time in this economy keeping a roof over their heads, or finding one to begin with. Though one of America's largest news outlets, the Washington Post, has decided that the real housing crisis in America is the new Afghani refugees not having enough affordable housing options available to them.

This isn't a one-off by the Post and other similar news sources. Ever since Joe Biden's withdraw from Afghanistan, many mainstream American news outlets have been beating the drum constantly for the permanent relocation of Afghan refugees. All told, America may end up taking in over 100,000 Afghani immigrants in the next 14 months to two years. Some reports suggest that in only eight full months of a Joe Biden presidency, there are over 400,000 immigrants in America from the country's southern border, all of whom are being housed on the taxpayers' dime. Yet if you were to read any materials from America's mainstream media, the average citizen in the country is doing so incredibly well that they should be opening their doors to immigrants.

Now, if one wants to open their doors and house people in need, that's certainly a noble thing. Though this is not the issue at hand. The issue here is that tens of millions of Americans are barely getting by and are desperate for help. Though instead of their own government helping them, their government is instead printing trillions of news dollars in currency to give to refugees, which just causes inflation to run wild, which in turn further harms American citizens who are already struggling.

One of the most popular viral social media posts of the past two years was a homeless veteran who was starting to get his life back together. He got an apartment and a phone and a job, but then inflation threatened all that again. He posted on social media that if only he were to leave the country and come back illegally, the government would house him and give him a wad of cash to spend. While this might seem mean-spirited to a lot of people, that is precisely what the American government does for every single immigrant that they find in this nation illegally. They put them up in taxpayer-funded hotels and give them debit cards for spending money.

What do they do for Americans who are homeless or hungry? Very little, to be honest, and the mainstream media does even less to draw attention to their plight. Though a few thousand refugees will eventually be given temporary citizenship and released in the DC area, and the Washington Post cannot seem to stop running stories about how tragic it is that there isn't enough affordable housing. Essentially, WaPo is calling for government to step in and offer free housing to Afghani immigrants. What do they suggest for America's homeless and poor? We wouldn't know because they never mentioned them in any of their articles.

Shut Up and Nod

When it comes to American citizens who need housing and help with their bills, the entire mainstream political and media structures basically demand Americans shut up and nod in agreement with what the elite are doing. It's fine to print another $100 billion to help pay for refugees and force higher inflation on regular Americans because it's the moral and noble thing to do - at least if you ask our media. Though creating more suffering in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of others isn't a smart policy.

It can also easily backfire and millions of Americans could end up bearing a lot of resentment toward Afghan and Central American immigrants who are given housing and monetary stipends while the American citizens get nothing.

It's impossible to say what the government is going to do in order to ensure that Afghani immigrants get housing in America. All we know for sure is that they're not going to lift a finger to do anything for America's homeless citizens and vets, because they never have.

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