Wall Street Investors Win Big in Housing Market

According to a Business Insider report from earlier this week, Wall Street investment firms are making billions of dollars on Americans' mortgages once again, capitalizing entirely on a struggling housing market that's on the brink of collapse. The more things change, the more Wall Streets reverts to doing the same. Rather than government getting Wall Street away from people's livelihoods, Obama opened the flood gates and allowed even more of them in. Donald Trump after Obama did the same thing, giving more corporations more control over the average person's mortgage. Joe Biden is basically like having a corporation in charge of America; that's how much he's given over to the corporate world. Millions of Americans are threatened with homelessness while tens of millions can barely afford their mortgage, and Wall Street is making money hand over fist as Americans suffer.

We used to have a grassroots organization in America named "Occupy Wall Street" that called attention to this. Though OWS has re-branded itself as Black Lives Matter, and they're busy soliciting donations to purchase houses for the leaders, while corporations put up a "black fist" on their web-pages in solidarity.

For the average person in America, they have no idea what's happening. They see or hear news that Wall Street is once again making billions of dollars while so many millions of Americans suffer in the housing market, and they wonder how anyone could ever let history like this repeat itself. Politicians are speaking about spending another trillion-plus on all the surprise American immigration, but not a single word about getting corporations away from our mortgages.

Corporate America Always Wins

Like mentioned briefly above, there was a time not long ago when hundreds of thousands of people were out in the streets, literally beating down the doors of corporations. Filmmakers like Michael Moore were highlighting the dangers of corporations. George W. Bush was considered one of the worst presidents in America's history for being so joined at the hip with the corporate world. Wall Street took a lot of flack for collapsing America's housing market and sending much of the world into a recession. The people, from all demographics and all political sides, were angry and weren't going to take it anymore. Then something amazing happened. Trayvon Martin, a young African American teenager, was shot dead in Florida by a Latino-Jewish man that the media called a "White man," and Black Lives Matter and a new boogeyman was born.

From that point forward, the very same people who were ready to chase CEOs out of town with lit torches have been entirely subservient to corporations, lining up to buy their products, take out their loans, and pay their vig as good little Americans. As soon as media changed the narrative to a racial-based angle, the anti-racist nation that America is jumped into full gear to completely drop its anger about predatory corporations. Corporations can now operate however they want, back to doing everything they did pre-2008.

These days, the same people who traveled to New York City to protest against runaway corporatism now stay closer to home and literally physically beat up homeless men while screaming "Fascist!" as the victim is bleeding. The same people who organized busloads of citizens to put pressure on corporations are now organizing events to show support for Joe Biden (who has had more corporate support than any president in America's history, by the bye). It's a very strange world now. In a little over a decade, the nation has been told that corporations aren't the problem, as more people picket and protest to have Critical Race Theory taught in schools than to get short-selling investors away from the average person's mortgage.

The point here is that Corporate America is always going to win. The vast majority of this nation is controlled entirely by mainstream media, like unthinking sheep, and all of the mainstream media networks are owned by the same huge corporations. These corporations also have plenty of real estate investments on Wall Street. And instead of asking questions, the average person just does what they're told now and goes out in the streets screaming about Donald Trump while ignoring corporate tampering in our economy and housing market.

The people responsible for the crash and agony of millions had to do little more than run a few news segments blaming someone else for all of America's problems, and Americans marched away like drones after another target. Wall Street will always stay winning big until the people return to thinking for themselves.

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