Wyoming Ramps Up Housing Assistance to Support Vulnerable Groups

Wyoming has allocated additional funding for housing assistance programs targeting vulnerable populations in the state.

An extra $8 million will go towards helping groups like low-income families, the elderly, disabled individuals, and expectant mothers keep stable housing.

The largest portion of new funding, $5 million, will expand the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).

ERAP provides rent and utility support for households financially impacted by COVID-19. The program prioritizes aid for vulnerable groups like:
  • the disabled
  • elderly
  • expectant mothers
  • families with children
With the increased funding, ERAP can now help more individuals in these groups avoid eviction or homelessness.

An additional $3 million was added to the Mortgage Relief Program, which aims to prevent foreclosures for at-risk homeowners.

While the program has already helped nearly 150 households with up to $20,000 in mortgage and housing cost assistance, the new funding will allow it to support more vulnerable homeowners in danger of losing their homes.  

For many in Wyoming, the high cost of housing has made it difficult to afford rent, mortgages, and other essential expenses.

These state programs offer a critical lifeline, providing vulnerable groups stability and security in their housing. This allows them to focus on health, family, and other priorities rather than worrying about losing their homes.

While the additional funding is a step in the right direction, demand for housing aid still surpasses available support.

Wyoming officials say they will work to secure more resources and funding to help vulnerable populations obtain and maintain affordable, stable housing. For groups like low-income families, the disabled, and the elderly, access to housing can make a life-changing difference.

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