Just Getting Started in Your Professional Life? Lay Down Your Roots Here

Where you choose to build your life when you are just getting started in your professional life can have a profound impact on your career success. When looking for a place to purchase your first home, be sure to consider factors such as the cost of living and job opportunities. Here are seven of the top cities that you should consider when you are considering where to lay down your roots and purchase property.

Knoxville, Tennessee

If you are still wanting that fun college town vibe, be sure to put Knoxville, Tennessee at the top of your consideration list. This city is a hotspot for recent college grads because of its energy and plethora of things to see and do. As home to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville boasts everything that you would want in a college town. The city also offers a low cost of living and extremely affordable housing. If you can score a good job here, your money will stretch far when looking to jump into the housing market.

Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota

The Twin Cities have emerged as one of the nation's hottest job markets, thanks in large part to a booming tech industry. While the housing is not as affordable as it is in some areas of the US, the higher salaries will often make up for this shortfall. According to data from US News & World Report, the average monthly salary for workers in this area is almost $6,000 more than the national average. The Twin Cities also offers an unemployment rate below that of the US average.

Houston, Texas

The country's Sun Belt region has been the place to be for young professionals over the last few years and it is easy to see why. In addition to a desirable warm climate, the region also boasts a low cost of living and plentiful job opportunities. Houston is no exception. This major metropolitan area offers numerous job options in the oil and gas industry, aerospace engineering, and technology. Residents only average about 22% of their income directed toward housing costs, far below the national average when compared to other large cities.

Portland, Maine

Looking for a slower pace of life? Be sure to look into all of the attributes of Portland, Maine. This New England gem is a haven for those young professionals wanting to immerse themselves in the beauty of Mother Nature. The city is a good choice for workers in the fields of retail and tourism. The unemployment rate for 2020 was far below the national average. The relatively affordable housing costs amidst a stunning natural landscape also make Portland a good choice for professionals who work online and can choose their place to settle down.

Seattle, Washington

You certainly will not find cheap housing in Seattle, but you will definitely find a bevy of opportunities to grow your career quickly. The Emerald City is home to a variety of major US employers, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing. These companies routinely offer significant job relocation bonuses to draw young professionals to settle down in this region. The city also features a trendy vibe along with countless outdoor recreational opportunities with its easy access to both the water and the mountains. If you like microbrews, hiking, boating, and live music, Seattle may be the place for you.

Portland, Oregon

A few hours down the road from Seattle, you will find Portland, Oregon. Portland boasts a number of the same advantages as Seattle but with a slightly more affordable cost of living. The unique culture of Portland is a draw for the younger demographic looking for something hip. Corporations that work out of the Rose City include Intel Corp. and Nike. The increase in tech jobs has kept the average annual salary of Portland residents well above the national average.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Young professionals are continually drawn to the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, making Colorado a top destination for many. While Boulder and Denver continue to be hotspots for those looking to invest in real estate, Colorado Springs offers a similar atmosphere at a lower price point. Nestled at the base of the mountains, Colorado Springs features housing with a view.

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